Ariel Winter Shows Off Her Thin Waist And Beautifully Toned Legs In Wintry Dress For ‘GMA’

Ariel Winter Shows Off Her Thin Waist And Beautifully Toned Legs In Wintry Dress For ‘GMA’ Media Trending Review

Ariel Winter, 20 years old, sensed the bite of the NY City winter on the daytime of November 29th, she did not give a hint of it. In media trending reviews, The Modern Family actress gave a smile as she made approach into the ABC Studios, as Ariel was fixed to act on the GMA Day. While covered up in a close-fitting, pink outfit and in a pair of the beautiful white pumps, she made certain showing off her beautiful toned legs. It appears that her hot dress let her staying warm in the New York City winter or walk from Ariel’s cat to studio was so little that a few instants of icy air was not going to freeze or kill her.

Talking of freezing or killing Ariel, she was uncertain if her role (Alex Dunphy) was going to continue the present season. When broadcast came that somebody was going to pass away on the Modern Family, Ariel believed that her character is not part of the season anymore!


If there is somebody who can make Ariel happier if this is certainly the last season of the show, it is Levi Meaden, 31 years old. The 2 have started a love that has left Ariel Winter feeling the cheeriest she has ever been. Ariel Winter thinks that Levi Meaden keeps her focused and relaxed. She has been through a lot with her private life that she now finally feels very secure and easy with Levi, a source told media. He so loves Ariel, frequently holding her hand and treating her the way she deserves. Levi understands that Ariel has been through a lot of stuff and it is very important to make her happy and feel loved. Her outfit is being discussed in fashion trends review. There will be more in media trends review.

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