Chris Brown Shocked By Rihannas Dinner With Hassan Jameel It is A Real Setback

Chris Brown ‘Shocked’ By Rihanna’s Dinner With Hassan Jameel: ‘It is A Real Setback’ in Hollywood Celebrities Reviews

Chris Brown is shocked that Hassan Jameel and Rihanna had dinner with one another. A person close to Chris Brown told that he was upset to know that Rihanna and Hassan were still meeting each other in any way. According to Hollywood celebrities reviewsChris is very shocked, he did not know that Rihanna is still seeing Hassan Jameel, a source told media. Chris believed that they both were over one another and done for better. So, it is a real shock to know that they were out on a romantic date. Chris Brown is very serious about this as he was really taking his expectations up.

Chris Brown Shocked on Rihanna and Hassan Dinner

When it derives down to it, Chris Brown still has somewhat in the working when it derives to the signer, Rihanna and it is all dedicated on Xmas. “Chris Brown was scheduling to mark a great change for Xmas to show her exactly how much he cares, but there is no method he will go there at present that he sees she has still got somewhat going with Hassan Jameel,” our source told us.

Rihanna and Hassan Affair

In celebrity latest happening, we stated previously how Chris Brown understands he might have overlapped a line in sending a flirty emoji on one of her newest post on the Instagram. Chris Brown would make his care and love for her more public but Rihanna has already made it very clear to Chris many times that she likes to keep her personal matters to herself, a source close to Rihanna told. Chris Brown is normally very careful following her desires but on times he blunders up and does something open to public. He simply cannot help himself in this matter. He wants other people to know that there is still something between them. There will be more in celebrities latest happening.

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