Jennifer Lopez Gets Dizzy over Rumors that she will be marrying Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Gets Dizzy Over Rumors That She Will Be Marrying Alex Rodriguez Hollywood News Reviews

In media channels review, there is one thing very viral related to JLO. Is Alex Rodriguez considering proposing the star singer, Jennifer Lopez? If you question Ellen DeGeneres, the response is sure! The vocalist was a visitor on The Ellen Show, where she was questioned by the afternoon host around getting married to her previous Yankee partner! “He said that y’all are going to be getting married,” Ellen stated, to which Jennifer Lopez answered, “He didn’t say that!”

Ellen said that Alex did say that and that he messaged Ellen earlier that day. She again asked JLO if they are getting married. Well! Jennifer Lopez did not deny it. She replied, “I don’t know”, very shyly. Ellen also encouraged the beautiful couple to get married, saying that they look very happy together.

In the Latest News Reviews, Jennifer Lopez confirmed that they are getting married, saying “we are!” She also added that they have been together for some years and it is nice being together. Ellen suggested that Christmas would be a great time for a proposal and wedding. She also said that Alex once said that he was going to give Jennifer something thoughtful and romantic but inexpensive. To which Jennifer replied laughing, “Did he say inexpensive?” She said that we do not work extra hours for all that. Ellen then asked Jennifer if she has decided what she is going to get for Alex. Jennifer reply was cute as she said, “Actually no.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, who started dating in the March 2017, have ignited engagement gossips in recent times after she walked out with a ring on that ring finger. Though, the beautiful couple has up till now to approve everything, regardless of joining their families together and even capitalizing in corporate projects together! Whichever way, we are entirely cheering for them! There will be more in Hollywood News Reviews.

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