Justin Trudeau, Helena Christensen And Other Hollywood Celebs Who Were Born On Xmas Day

Justin Trudeau, Helena Christensen And Other Hollywood Celebs Who Were Born On Xmas Day

It is the end of the year and people around the world celebrated a great event, Xmas. All of the cities and towns were decorated and people enjoyed this event to the fullest. But there is a strange coincidence that most people do not know about. Some other famous celebrated their birthday along with Jesus Christ! That is right – Jesus Christ is not the lone one with a December 25th birthday! Celebs like Helena Christensen and Justin Trudeau were likewise born on the Xmas! In Hollywood news reviews, although it may suck looking everybody getting presents on your birthday, there is a little extra exceptional about partying one more journey around the sun on the holiday. For one, these blessed celebs probably are surrounded by the family a year after another, and who would ever refuse dual gifts?

In celebrities news review, the Canadian Prime Minister celebrated 47th birthday this year, though Helena Christensen enjoyed a milestone birthday. The past Victoria’s Secret fashion model was born in the year 1968, so Helena just celebrated her 50th! Jimmy Buffett likewise has a Xmas birthday, taking his 72nd birthday this year. The Scottish artist Annie Lennox likewise heard other persons singing “Happy Birthday” to her on 25th December, as it was her 64th birthday this year.

Sports-persons are similarly not resistant to sharing a birthday with Jesus Christ. Demaryius Thomas, Houston Texans wide receiver was born on the December 25th, 1987, so he had 31 candles stuck in to his birthday cake this Xmas. There will be more in media channels review. Stay connected with us to hear more excited and hot news on the topics discussed widely on the television and internet.

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