Kim Kardashian States She Was High When She Captured her Sex Tape Media Channels Review.

Kim Kardashian States She Was High When She Captured her Sex Tape Media Channels Review.

The Kardashian family is very famous amongst people for many reasons and in media channels review. Kylie and Kendall are the young famous celebrities of the Kardashian family. While Kendall is seen all over the internet for her looks and modeling life, Kylie Jenner is also famous for the makeup brand that she has started. Kim Kardashian, the elder sister received a lot of fame and she has also worked with Kylie on makeup products. She has been seen in news for many reasons. Well! All of the reasons are not be counted as the good ones. Her past is spoiled with shocking stories.  And on Sunday night’s chapter of the Keeping up with the Kardashians, celebrity Kim Kardashian exposed that she tested with medications in her twenties.

The 38 year old realism star confessed to being high when she wedded the music producer Mr. Damon Thomas and when taping her scandalous sex tape with the Ray J. The founder of the KKW Beauty and Damon ran away in 2000, just to split-up in the year 2004, quoting incompatible differences. But rendering to papers acquired by the media, the Kardashian underwent local fierceness at the hands of Thomas. This is also discussed in American news reviews.

The law court papers sued that the famous Hollywood music producer Damon did hit Kim Kardashian in the face, bang her counter to walls and throw her through the apartment, leaving her injured and abused. In February of the year 2007, the Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with Ray J was leaked on the internet, mounting her prominence to exponential altitudes. When talking with Oprah in the year 2012, Kim Kardashian clarified that she was ‘disgraced’ but has subsequently encompassed the sex tape. There are many new topics coming in politicians review.

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