Scott Disick Sticks Sofia Richie Gone To The Saudi Arabia For Pre-Xmas Vacation

Scott Disick Sticks Sofia Richie Gone To The Saudi Arabia For Pre-Xmas Vacation

In latest celebrity news reviews, Scott Disick, 35 years old, and Sofia Richie, 20 years old, are having great fun in the sand and the sun, on their vacation to Saudi Arabia. The fashion model posted a trio of the pictures on December 14th, in the Arabian dessert. Though one was a single picture of Sofia Richie riding an off road car in a puffy orange color jacket and the black tights, the other 2 pictures of her were with Scott Disick. She wrote on the first, My type of the off road, as the 2 was standing with a car, bordered by the sand. There were no vehicles seen in the other picture, although, which was a “Suitable” group photograph with 5 other individuals. Sofia Richie was looking like she was focusing the Lord Disick’s signature look with a lengthy, fur lined blazer that dusted sand.

In the today news reviews, on top of posting those 3 pictures, Sofia Richie totally filled the Instagram account’s story with lots of trip videos. Whether Sofia was recording the camels walking outdoor of the vehicle window, saying Scott Disick was “in his part” in a furred coat of his own or giving up close off roading video, it was certain in each update that Sofia and Scott were enjoying an incredible time together. The father of the 3, however, has been very low on the social media platforms. Although he did share a photograph to his story of Sofia Richie lying on the sand and getting deep underneath a vehicle for his “chapstick,” 

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